You’ve heard the phrase, “membership has its privileges,” and that is certainly true for Association members. Through the years, your Association has been able to help secure many benefits for our members, including:
A voice at the table

A recent example of the role the Association plays on behalf of our membership, and the positive interaction between our group and Taco John’s International (TJI), is the work done by the Association with the newest Franchise Agreement and Amendment. Details of the improvements to the Agreement and Amendment can be found on this website.

Member discount programs

for Mahoney Oil, Background checks, car rentals, printing, office supplies & equipment and more!

Significant savings

in insurance premiums for franchisees who participate in the Association Insurance Program. The coverage is in full compliance with all requirements of the franchise agreement.

Financial incentives

from TJI to franchisees to reduce necessary equipment costs. As a result of TJI’s willingness to provide such an incentive, franchisees enjoyed total cost savings for equipment exceeding the value of 5 to 10 years of Association membership dues.


The Association also organizes and conducts the annual Franchisee Convention and Membership Meeting, an opportunity to get together with other franchisees, exchange ideas, be energized by top-notch presentations, hear from TJI leadership, meet with vendors and just relax in a beautiful environment.

Keeping members connected and informed is also a top Association priority. Members receive our Fast Forward newsletter, and can also stay current through our Association website.

Our members benefit from their connection to the Association, and we benefit from our connection to you. If you’re not yet a member and would like to join the more than 8 out of 10 franchisees who are, contact us. We’re all better together.

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